Educational Aim

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to provide students with the necessary skills and education required of international engineers. It also aims to promote creative intelligence and to equip students with a practical understanding of modern technology in the field of mechanical engineering.

Educational Goal

    The Educational Goal of the Department is for students to master all theoretical and practical aspects of the field of mechanical engineering and relevant technology. Students undertake comprehensive study of the following areas:

    Material Strength,     Mechanical Dynamics,     Design Drawing,     Production / Manufacturing,     Control and Information,     Heat and Fluid,     Surrounding Technology related to Mechanical Engineering

    Graduates of the Department find employment in various fields of modern industry including, but not limited to: heavy industry; the automobile industry; aerospace avionics; robotics; energy and the environment; electric power; the iron and steel industries; electromechanical equipment; the chemical industry; food manufacture; construction; information technology; and engineering service.


Thesis Research

Experiments in Mechanical Engineering

Experiments in Mechanical Engineering