Educational Aim

    1. To provide engineers who can adapt themselves to the latest technology and an advanced information network.

    2. To provide engineers who are capable of creative research and development.

    3. To provide engineers who can be active in an internationalized society.


    Advanced Engineering Course was established to meet the growing needs in the fields of science and technology. The Course provides a two-year higher education program to prepare future engineers to be active in the field of high technology, creative research and development. The program of the Advanced Engineering Course, as a higher education institute, is designed to follow a well-programmed, five year practical education curriculum at national colleges of technology.

    "Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering Advanced Course" provides engineers to have an ability to solve various problems by utilizing their expertise and applied research in the field of Control Technology, Information Processing etc.

    "Material Engineering Advanced Course" provides engineers to have an ability to cope with the development of new materials and their production process technology. This is achieved by emphasizing special subjects concerning in the field of biotechnology, physical properties of organic and inorganic materials, polymer, and metallic material.


A Presentation of Reasearch Thesis in Advanced Engineering

A Presentation about Internship