Educational Aim

    The Department of Biochemistry and Applied Chemistry aims to provide students with both the fundamental and technical knowledge necessary to meet the needs of society in relation to the chemical and biochemical industries.

Educational Goal

    Study includes an emphasis on environmental protection and management, and a thorough understanding and working knowledge of technology and equipment related to the field of chemistry and biochemistry. Ethics and practical problem solving skills are also taught to students.

    Modern Society obtains much benefit from the development of organic and polymeric materials such as organic EL (Electro-Luminscence), liquid crystals and plastics, and of food and medicine produced by biotechnology. The 21st century has seen a remarkable advance in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry and the growth of many Japanese Industries. There is a current high demand for engineers in these fields to meet the needs of modern society.

    The Department of Biochemical and Applied Chemistry offers the basic study of science and technology in the lower grades and two specialized courses Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology in the upper grades. The Applied Chemistry course offers the study of polymer chemistry and organic materials, and the Biochemistry course offers the study of genetic and cell biology, and bioengineering.

    Students are given the opportunity to enroll in an internship program (short-term training at a factory) and to conduct thesis research. Students are also provided with counseling about their future, including areas such as career placement, university application and entrance to Advanced Engineering School.



Experiment in Biochemistry

Thesis Research