Educational Aim

    The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering aims to produce electrical and electronics engineers who possess expertise on state-of-the-art technologies such as electronics and information communication technology (ICT) as well as a prime understanding of electric energy. Graduates are able to contribute highly to the information and communication needs of modern society.

Educational Goal

    The Department provides students with a solid grounding in electrical and electronics engineering and also equips students with expertise and the ability to make full use of the following technologies:

    Electronics;     Information Communication Technology;     Electric Energy, Power Electronics;     Other Technologies related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    The Department offers a thorough curriculum composed of subjects covering areas such as electronics, ICT and electric energy thus enabling students to graduate as competent and creative electrical and electronics engineers.

    In addition to lectures, the curriculum includes practical activities such as experiments, internship and thesis research, where students gain experience in manufacturing. Through the curriculum, students learn to solve field-related problems and also contribute to innovation in their future careers.


Experiments in Electronics and Communication

Thesis Research